Catfish Tackle
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Catfish Tackle |  Catfish Terminal Tackle & Accessories


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Catfish Terminal Tackle & Accessories

Catfish Tackle |  Catfish Terminal Tackle & Accessories

Beads & Run Rings

Rubber Beads, Hard Beads, Luminous Beads, Ceramic Run Rings

Bait Presentaion

Worm & Leech Clips, Stiff Hair Rig Gun, Silicon Float Stops, Rig Foam, Security Disc's, Bait Sheilds.


Swivels, Cros Loc Swivels, Split Rings.

From CatMaster Tackle, Black Cat,

Rig Tubing, Stiff Tubing, Sinking Rig Tubing

Soft Rig Tubing, Silicon Tubing, Stiif Tubing, Sinking Rig Tubing, Fluro Tubing, Heat Shrink Tubing

Power Gum

Power Gum has many of practical uses in catfishing

Not only for stop knots but for a safe method of attahing polyballs, floats etc with failsafe release along with many other benefits

Syringes & Hair Stops

Baiting Needles of various sizes.

Bait drills.

Syringes & Needles

Bite Indicators

Bobbins, Chain Indicators

Rod Holders

Small Rod holders to Extra Large Rod Holders

Great for that extra pair of hands whilst using the winch rig.

Stringers & Buoy ropes

A safe and secure way of retaining catfish whilst giving the catfish the lower levels of the water to rest in where it is also cooler along with higher oxygen levels.

ONLY use where fishery rules allow there use.

Much more fish friendly than a tube or tunnel for larger fish of over 30lb

Odds & Ends

Knot tester, Stringers, Rod Rings, Butt Pad, Rod Rests/Cups

Catfish Tackle |  Catfish Terminal Tackle & Accessories

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